North Island Mussels Ltd - Greenshell Mussels farming and processing

North Island Mussels Ltd (NIML) farms more than 900 long lines in dedicated aquaculture marine areas within the North Island of New Zealand, spread over approximately 2000 hectares of pristine coastal waters fed by the plankton rich upwellings of the Pacific Ocean.

NIML prides itself on utilizing leading edge technology within its processing operations where over 130 metric tonnes of Green Lipped Mussels (GreenshellTM Mussels) are processed every day.

Our product is of the highest standard following strict processing requirements to international standards. Hygiene and food safety are at the forefront of our company's goals together with providing our staff with an employment environment that continues to attract talented people looking to further their knowledge in aquaculture and food production to the highest levels.

North Island Mussels remains the bench mark for shellfish processing world wide.

Proudly supporting our community;